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We help you find the time to take care of yourself with our premium in-home waxing experience. You can now focus on what matters most!

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Designed to optimize your time dedicated to your waxing treatment by using technology to turn this moment into a satisfying experience in the comfort of your own place.

Dowasti was founded in 2018 and based in New York City —where Time is Precious— by two sisters Mirian and Nidia Machuca, knowing how people were struggling with the little time they had left and their desire of feeling confident and empowered more often, they developed Dowasti an on-demand waxing service which revolutionized the traditional experience for both clients and employees so that every person could save time while caring about themselves without compromising quality or customer satisfaction. The goal was clear: To be more than just any other wax center or beauty salon you walk into for your monthly appointment—Dowasti is there to make sure providing its customers timely services when it's convenient to them! Dowasti is revolutionizing the industry with their new on-demand service method available at all hours of the day. Instead of rushing in and out like a typical customer would do, they want people to feel comfortable while getting services done so that everyone can have access without leaving apart skin care or having missed appointments because schedules are hard to work around sometimes.

In 2020 Dowasti has been hit by COVID-19, and far from giving up, it has taken that big global problem in its clients' favor to help them to stay smooth and safe while adapting the community to the new normal and creating new job opportunities.


Mirian Morales
Mirian Morales


Nidia Machuca
Nidia Machuca

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

The Dowasti Story

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March 2018

Nidia and Mirian heanding to Manhattan to perform their first In-Home Waxing Service.
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Jun 2018

We offilcially launched its website in time for the summer.
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May 2019

We launched In-home Waxing Services for Men.
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Nov 2019

We expanded our offerings to include a complete In-Home Waxing Studio that could accommodate any of our clients needs.

Jun 2020

In response to the pandemic, to show our appreciation for all the essential workers who made this tough time more bearable, we launched an appreciation campaign to thank them.
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Aug 2020

We launched our home safety protocol to help our professionals and clients book with confidence during the pandemic.